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  The enduring legacy for collecting and care of fine antique linen
By Lois Lamb
Owner, Vintage Linens by Lois

Growing up as a child, every Saturday morning, my dad would take us to antique shops to scour the shelves for old manuscripts and first edition books. That tradition endured until adulthood when my brothers and I would pile into my car and spend the day cruising flea markets and tag sales.

One morning I purchased a lovely old cedar chest and to my delight I lifted the cover to find it filled to the brim with antique linen sheets and pillowcases from Italy. I believe my linen career began on that day almost 40 years ago! I'll never forget the sweet aroma of the antique linen. It was better than the finest perfume in the world!

I couldn't help but think of all the endless hours of hand-work that went into creating the beautiful lace trims and how happy that person would be to know that someone would be enjoying and appreciating their efforts once again.

After restoring these items to near perfection, I felt that I had "resurrected" a piece of the past and brought it back to life again. This began a new career and a passion for me (some might even say an obsession) for finding and restoring these wonderful pieces of art, each piece representing centuries of skilled and talented needlework.

The rewards of giving new life to these fine linens and re-purposing them for future use, has brought overwhelming rewards and gratification. My linens have found their way into movie sets, magazines, and homes of numerous celebrities. They have graced the homes of so many wonderful customers who purchase them at shows.

I am so grateful for all the people who appreciate these fine treasures and who will continue the tradition by passing them on to the next generation. There is a story behind each piece of linen and a little piece of someone's life that created it. I am privileged to be part of it!


Welcome to VintageLinens.Com. We have been in the business of selling fine antique linens and accessories since 1985. Our primary business has been selling antique linens at high-end Antique and Garden Shows and select Craft Fairs throughout the Eastern U.S. During the past twenty-five years we have built a strong reputation for quality and excellent customer service. As a result, we have established a strong loyal customer following.

We are especially noted for our beautiful monogrammed antique linens, monogrammed towels, and our extremely popular Antique Monogrammed Lavender Sachets from our Treasure Keeper Collections.

Here are some of your most Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a Shop?

We do not maintain a Shop. We sell our Antique Linens at Antique and Garden Shows, and select Craft Fairs. Many of Our Select Vintage Linens can also be found at:

Summerville Antique Gallery
901 N. Main Street, Summerville, SC
(843) 810-1200

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Do you print a Catalog?

Sorry, we do not print a Catalog. It would not be cost-effective for us, or meaningful to our customers to attempt to print and maintain a catalog. Most of our antique linens that we offer for sale at our shows are unique, one of a kind items. When they are sold they are gone. For this simple reason we do not attempt to catalog our inventory.

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Do You Buy Old Linens?

Yes we do. We are always looking to buy high-end antique linens. We are very select in what we purchase. If you have some old linens that are of high-quality and that you no longer use, please contact us at vintagelinens@earthlink.net  or by calling us at (843) 810-1200. We look forward to hearing from you. Sorry, but we do not provide appraisal services.

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"I have some old linens that were purchased or handed down to me within the family, how do I care for and maintain them?"

Fine Old Antique Linen requires love, attention and special care in their cleaning and storage. Please see our Linen Care Page for helpful tips in cleaning, caring for, and storing your old linens.

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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Vintage Linens does not sell, trade, or exchange your personal information to third parties for any purpose, Guaranteed!!!!! The information that you provide to us is guarded as strictly confidential. The information that you supply is for our exclusive use and solely for the purpose of processing your orders and to better serve you as a valued customer.

When you place an order, we need to collect some basic information. We need to know your name (exactly as it appears on your Credit Card), a valid e-mail address, your primary contact telephone number, your billing/shipping address, and your credit card account number and expiration date. This information is necessary for us to promptly process, fill and ship your order.

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