Care and Cleaning
  • Soak linens in a solution of Biz, Washing Soda (20 Mule Team Powder) and Liquid Detergent with a Clorox 2 Agent, combining equal parts of each.
  • Use hot water and soak for several hours, if necessary. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat this process, if necessary. Remove stains as quickly as possible.
  • For stain removal, squeeze a fresh lemon and shake a small amount of salt directly on the stain. Place the piece in the sun for approximately fifteen minutes, and then rinse. This process will remove the majority of stains.
  • Always press linens on the reverse side using a padded ironing board. Use of light spray starch is ok. Iron each piece slightly damp when possible.
  • Always drip-dry your linens. Use a plastic drying rack if possible. Wood racks can stain wet linens. Never place fine linen in a dryer. Use of a dryer will weaken linen fibers and will help “set-in” stains.
  • Use a Lavender Sachet in the linen closet to keep your linens smelling fresh.
  • Line all storage drawers and boxes with acid-free tissue to avoid direct contact with wood and or cardboard. Prolonged direct contact with either of these will cause stains.


  • Never store linens in plastic bags. Plastic will trap moisture and promote mold and mildew during storage.

  • Never store linens in humid places such as basements or attics.

  • Do not press creases prior to storing. Just fold lightly and store.


Use and Enjoyment

  • Enjoy and use your linens regardless of their condition. Age spotting, minor staining and wear damage is merely a reflection of a piece’s unique and interesting past.
  • Start a “hope chest” of fine linens for a young child. It will set an example of good taste and tradition.
  • Mix and match napkins and placemats. It makes for an interesting table setting.

  • Refold and reposition your linens at least every six months to help prevent unwanted permanent creases.
  • Share the beauty of antique linens by giving them as gifts to those who share your appreciation and passion.

Lavender Linen Water Recipe

Lavender Linen Water is a special sweet water that is designed to perfume cloths, bedding, or your collection of fine linens. Apply while washing or during the folding process.

Add a splash to the rinse cycle, or sprinkle, spray your linens before or during ironing. Lavender has a soothing, calming effect that will help one sleep peacefully.

Here are the ingredients for making your own:
  • 100 drops (5ml) of Lavender Oil
  • 1˝ fluid Oz. (45 ml) Vodka. Use highest proof available.
  • 20 Oz. of Distilled or Still Spring water
Blend/Mix the essential oils with the Vodka in a small glass bowl. Stir well to amalgamate. Pour water into a large glass container/bottle. Add the oil mixture to the water. The linen water may be cloudy. This is normal and will not stain linen. Shake well before use.

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